Out with the Old

i282600889620514350._szw1280h1280_It may not officially be spring but it certainly feels like it. This is a time for cleaning out the cobwebs in the house, mulching and planting in the yard, and just generally making some positive changes. Mike and I have been working on a more healthful lifestyle and the results have been rather dramatic. Now I want to extend my resolutions of change to other areas of my life as well. For some time now the readership of my blog has been rapidly deteriorating. I suspect that after writing five essays a week for four years I am becoming a bit stale. After all, how fresh can my memories and ideas be considering that I have composed over eight hundred columns during that time? 

I began with about one hundred readers a day back in April of 2012. At my peak I was garnering over one thousand visits to my website each and every day. Overall my page has been visited more than eight hundred thousand times, a fact which makes me quite proud. Nonetheless I have rather rapidly lost readers to point where I am back to the lower numbers that I had at the beginning of my journey as a writer. Some people have told me that they no longer receive notification of my daily blog topics on Facebook. My daughter, Maryellen, believes that my website has become a bit dated and is in need of a remake. I have little idea what may be happening but I am determined to try a bit of this and that to reinstate interest in what I have to say each day.  Continue reading “Out with the Old”