If Not Now, When?

i282600889619931598._szw1280h1280_I’ve been sitting on a blog topic that is dear to my heart for quite sometime now. I suppose that I realize that the only people who will agree with my thoughts on this subject are those who are already in my choir. In other words there is little chance that I will change someone’s mind but I have reached a point where I won’t be able to live with myself if I don’t at least try. 

 The last many months of the Presidential nomination process have been disturbing to me, particularly the campaign of Donald Trump. Perhaps more than any of his hair brained ideas I am most concerned about the comments that he has made regarding immigration. His hyperbole in describing many of the people from Mexico as “criminals and rapists” should have automatically disqualified him from consideration, but instead they have become the cornerstone of his platform. The fact that he continues to dominate the Republican race has been rather depressing to me. In fact I’ve spent the day after Super Tuesday attempting to distract myself from the reality of the current situation, all to no avail. Whether I am looking for birthday presents for a niece and nephew or taking my daily walk I keep wondering how so many Americans can possibly support such a horrible man. Continue reading “If Not Now, When?”