Conquering Our Fears

i282600889620853429._szw1280h1280_This is a sacred time of year. For Christians it is Holy Week, an occasion to remember the life, suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. He walked among us as a human being but many of us believe that He was truly the Son of God. He attempted to teach us how to live with one another. His message was simple but so difficult to follow. He only asked us to love our neighbors just as we love ourselves. He showed us how to do this by example. He modeled the behavior that He wanted us to also have. In the end even this good man who had done no harm to anyone was sentenced to death, executed like a criminal. In a last act of extreme compassion He forgave the thief who was penitent and the people who were responsible for killing Him. He commended His spirit into the hands of God, His Father. He died for all of us, not just some. We sometimes forget that He was so inclusive. 

We have suffered of late. We see the work of terrorists and we wonder what we can do, what we must do. We are shaken. We want to answer hate with love but we worry that to do so is naive and will only make things worse. Then again, we cringe at the idea of anger and force, even understanding that sometimes it is the only way to be safe. We are confused. In our anxious state of mind we strike out at one another. We attempt to find someone or some group to blame for what is happening. We exclaim that our leaders have let us down. Our hearts are sickened and we want to ignore the problems but we know that to do so will solve nothing. It is a dilemma and we worry that the path that we choose may be wrong.   Continue reading “Conquering Our Fears”

A Life Well Lived

i282600889620841921._szw1280h1280_When my brother, Michael, was only a small boy he often carried a book by Werner von Braun under his arm. He would flip through the pages and gaze at the illustrations long before he was able to read. It was a volume from my father’s library and it envisioned what space travel might be like if man were ever to venture to the moon. It was only natural that after Michael graduated from Rice University he would be drawn to NASA and the work that was taking place there. He turned down other opportunities that might have ultimately been as exciting in order to fulfill a lifelong dream of working with the men and women who wanted to conquer the frontiers far beyond our planet. He accepted a job as a NASA contractor and has never looked back.

His work put him in contact with people from a variety of companies and backgrounds. Along the way he noticed an attractive Asian girl and took the initiative to find out her name. He thought about her often and in a somewhat uncharacteristic fashion decided to attempt to contact her so that they might become better acquainted. Her name was Becky Liu.   Continue reading “A Life Well Lived”