Common Ground

i282600889620249547._szw1280h1280_It seems that periodically we humans as a group devolve just a bit. We temporarily lose our integrity, good manners and compassion. Those tend to be very dangerous times when we become angry and suspicious of anyone not like ourselves. We fall for arguments that blame our woes on certain groups. Somehow we aren’t as nice to one another as we ought to be. 

The Germans lived in one of the most sophisticated and learned societies on earth. After World War I the country fell apart at about the same time that ugliness reared its head all around the world. There was a nationalistic, protectionist fervor across the globe that some say resulted in the Great Depression and only deepened as economies tumbled into a death spiral. Isolationism ruled the day. Literally every nation had the attitude that the needs of the natural born citizens had to come first. There was great suspicion of anyone who was different. In Germany a demagogue promised a way out of the need and want, a better future, a stronger country. The people were hungry and ready to try anything. They hailed their leader as a savior little realizing that the price of their salvation would be one of the most horrific chapters in the story of mankind.   Continue reading “Common Ground”